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Review: Shy – s/t

7 October 2011 Westman No Comment

We are four people who makes planetaor.com exist, and by the time this year will be summarized, I believe that we might have four different favorites as album of the year, Shys self titled may well be my candidate for that spot.

Shy who are spoken of as an metal act has always been somwhere in between hair metal, melodic rock and melodic metal. Personally I feel this time they stand close to melodic rock the whole way through. If the Tony Mills fronted Shy, song wise, where close to Geoff Tate and sometimes Rob Halford they now, fronted by Lee Small, sounding close to Phenomena (where Lee Small once sang) and Glenn Hughes.
Now Shy has released several good albums without getting all the way through to me and having been around since early 80’s they now almost twenty years later release their best album, long time fans of Shy might disagree but the sound of Shy 2011 sounds more powerful than ever. Why?
Well first of all the vocals, Lee Small has really put something extra to the band and fits very well along with the songs presented. Second are the sound of the songs with string arrangements on all 12 songs making it sound big and powerful, hopefully they can present them as well live. Add also the production overall since the drum and bass are all placed very well to make the sound rich. Steve Harris guitar has got that perfect sound both with the rythms and solo parts. And lastly the songs, who got a strong foundation that would make an good impression even without the power the string arrangements bring.

I was very close giving this album a 10/10 but two things made me not do it. First of all the coward in me, could I claim that this is ”a future classic” that our description says, I think only time will tell. Second and more important we got an album that tick the right boxes with me allthough there are two songs that clearly seem to me a bit less important and they are Over You and Save Me which are two songs that would be great on any album but in context seems to be a bit anonymous. Personal favorites? I guess at the time I’d say Land Of A Thousand Lies, Blood On The Line, Live For Me, Sanctury and Union Of Souls but trust me when I say that during the month I’ve had this promo the favorites has shifted many times.

Label: Escape Music (ESM232)
Producer:Shy and Andy Faulkner
Release date: October 7th 2011
Line-up: Lee Small(Lead Vocals), Steve Harris (Guitars), Joe Baskett (Keyboards), Roy Davis (Bass), Bob Richards (Drums)

Rating: 9,5/10

10: A Master Piece / a future classic, 9: Superb, near perfect, 8: Great, 7: Very good, 6: Good,
5: Average, 4: Below par, 3: Poor, 2: Very poor, 1: Miserable

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