Review: Uriah Heep – Live In Armenia.

These days it is very often Uriah Heep releases a live album.. Since its formation in 1970 the band has released 17 live albums! Uriah Heep – “Live From Armenia” (Frontiers) is the latest in a series and it offers really not much new, but it is already the fourth live album released with Russell Gilbrook on drums.

What is new is that the band released a live album from the great Armenia, but otherwise it’s just about the same old you get when you listen to “Live From Armenia”, that is a good experience and a moment of classic and new Heep classics. The album kicks off with the very powerful and instrumental song (well, almost anyway) “Wake The Sleeper”. If you  thought before that Heep was over, this track is a good wake-up call. The album continues with two other songs from the album Wake The Sleeper before taking hold of a classic song “Stealin ‘” and songs like “Gypsy” and “Look At Yourself” is the icing on the cake. The end of disc one has three of the songs from Wake The Sleeper. Personaly I think “What Kind Of God” is the best, an epic song that sounds better live than on the studio album. You can hear (see if you have the DVD) that the audience is not as wild as on the classical gems.

Disc number two starts with a classic of the highest order, namely, “July Morning” and it is clear that the band enjoys playing this song live. The entire second disc is filled with classics and ends with “Lady In Black”. What makes me most happy is that the band gives us a real gem from the Lawton era, “Sympathy”, and Bernie Shaw does a great job on that piece and I realize that the song is incredibly heavy when played live. In conclusion I would say that Uriah Heep is the most vital of the old dinosaurs which is noticeable when playing live. Few bands with over 40 years in the business keep on like they do. I am full of admiration and hope that on the next live album to hear classics such as “Weekend Warriors”, “Night Of The Wolf” and “Dreammare”.

Label: Frontiers Records
Producer: Mike Paxman
Release date: September 23rd 2011
Line-up: Bernie Shaw (vocals), Mick Box (guitar), Phil Lanzon (keyboards), Trevor Bolder (bass guitar), Russell Gilbrook (drums)

Rating: 6/10

10: A Master Piece / a future classic, 9: Superb, near perfect, 8: Great, 7: Very good, 6: Good,
5: Average, 4: Below par, 3: Poor, 2: Very poor, 1: Miserable