Eclipse – Monumentum

Eclipse - Monumentum
Record Info Rating: 9/10
Label: Frontiers Records Reviewed by: “AORSweden”
Producer: Erik Mårtensson
Release date: March 24th 2017
Line-up: Erik Mårtensson (vo, gu), Magnus Henriksson (gu), Philip Crusner (dr), Magnus Ulfstedt (ba)

Eclipse returns with their 6th record since 2001, the 4th since then band “restarted” with their current sound in 2008. Robban Back has left the band, new drummer is Philip Crusner, other than that the band are the same. Principal songwriter are as usual the mastermind Erik Mårtensson, one of the unsung heroes in the business. On guitar we find one of Sweden’s finest, and a guy that yet again takes a few steps forward in his playing, guitar-maestro Magnus Henriksson.

With contributions from songwriters Miqael Persson and Johan Becker, the guys has written 11 new songs that clocks in for just under 42 minutes, and it’s 42 minutes of pure joy.
It opens up with the first single, Vertigo, a uptempo song with great punches and guitarplaying, top 3 song for sure. Next is the equally uptempo Never Look Back, another great song. Killing Me and Downfall Of Eden are up next. The first one is one of the heaviest song the band has written, the latter more in the AOR-vein (minus the keys of course). The first ballad is Hurt, which also is the latest single (video). This song is brilliant, great lyrics and very emotional, just close Your eyes and listen to this fantastic piece of work. Hurt is followed up by Jaded, now we’re back with the uptempo songs, and this is another great tune. Born To Lead and For Better Or For Worse follows the same pattern, punchy guitars and great choruses. It ends heavy, really heavy, with Black Rain. Get hold of something, or else You will fall of Your chair when listening to this one, and the guitarsolo is unbelievable.

Surely this will be one of the highlights this year, the record is phenomenal in all senses. It doesn’t quite reach the same heights as Armageddonize, at least not yet, but it’s a superb melodic record. The songs from Erik Mårtensson (and co-writers) just keeps popping out, it seems so easy for them at the moment, I’ll bow down in envy. Then Magnus Henriksson, what a fantastic guitarplayer he has become, better from each record. It’s hard to think of that many guitarists today that are better in the same genre. And do You know what? The band are even better live, just imagine that if You haven’t seen them. Get Your butt out and buy this in a hurry, You won’t regret it.