Wonderland – Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg – 20170223 (pictures)

Wonderland held a release party at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg. The guys played a 45 minutes long set from their album Seven Wonders and Four Little Miracles. Planetaor.com attended the gig and Photographer Jonas Rydén took some pictures.

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Same year as faboulus Deep Purple record "Stormbringer" were recorded I was born outside Borås, Sweden. Now 34 years later I'm livin outside Gothenburg, my time is devoted to music and I'm listening to it almost constantly. Melodic rock or Blues are my favorite genres but almost anything goes. Besides music I enjoy Football and Basketball but also other sports that include Swedish participators. Ofcourse as anyone else I enjoy a good laugh with friends over a pint or two. I've got the opinion that you can't pick a best musician nor the best album, however here's a couple of albums I never tend to tire on: Whitesnake - Slide it in Rainbow - Difficult to cure Giant - Time to burn Dare - Blood from stone Magnum - Princess Alice and the broken Arrow Thunder - Behind closed doors Gotthard - Lipservice