Review: Wonderland – Seven Wonders and Four Little Miracles

Record Info

Producer: Wonderland
Release date: February 23, 2017
Line-up: Klas Ling (vo), Pelle Andersson (g), Bo Karlsson (keyb), Patrik Adiels(b), Joakim Jansson (dr),

Rating: 8/10
(10: A Master Piece / a future classic, 9: Superb, near perfect, 8: Great, 7: Very good, 6: Good, 5: Average)

The band released their seven track debut ep six and a half years ago and now release a professional recording of the same album with an addition of four songs (well six if you count the instrumental parts as different songs). But the band has chosen to call the new additions to their full length debut for four little miracles, miracles that increase the length of the album with 36 minutes. That would mean the band double up the length of the ep with just four songs.

You could ask yourself why? But the reason becomes quite apparent when you hear the result of the re-recorded material. Everything sounds so much better it’s simply a professional recording plus the extra music of course.
When I first reviewed this in August 2009 I made references with Yes and Kansas today 2016 the references would be the same but also add Pink Floyd to the list, not to do so would be a miss, that is if you should mention any references.

During the years I’ve played the old version once in a while and my favorites has always been the same ones, Hold My Soul that starts of the album together with Can’t Get Too Much. But with the newly recorded songs several of the others songs gets an extra boost, especially In Too Deep and Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Also there has been slight changes made to the songs both instrumental and vocal arrangements but most notably is the improvement on the production side.
As the title indicates this releas has been added with four little miracles and out of these four an instrumental piece are the first one out,but this is actually three different songs with common feel to the songs. It’s at this stage you come to think of Pink Floyd as the sound got a quite dreamy touch in a way David Gilmour often would compose and when we get to the following ballad Abandoned Ship a beautiful tale perfect arranged and produced we in fact get the best song on the album and also got that same touch as the previous.
Finishing of are two songs that been around for long and especially the first one has been played live for several years. The Rush of Possibilities is the toughest song of all progressive yet very melodic with great solos from both Pelle and Bo a bit of Deep Purple actually on this one.
In Anticipation ends the album, a song that leaves me a with mixed feelings. The recognition that we get to previous songs are in line with the clever and neat arrangements on the album, but the song also got a gitarr loop that I do find anoying that kind of ruin the song for me.

I gave the ep 8/10 just because I thought the songs was well written and has got a high standard. This time we get a better production we get more songs and perhaps the album should have had a higher rating you think as I’ve praised the production, well this is quality for shure but I got a small objection to make. The four little miracles has perhaps been in work for too long as the seven wonders feels as an entity and the miracles feels a bit different. I do like the songs but should probably been best released on their own.

Cover artwork once again done by the proffesional Mattias Norén


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