Live review: Destiny @ Sticky Fingers 20161020

*Photos by Jonas Rydén

Swedish old school metal band Destiny is closing in on 35 years and still rock as hard as ever with their dark rock. Destiny performed for the first time this decade at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg and at the same time held a release party for their new album Climate Change, an album that contains fourteen songs with a new line-up since the last release except for founding member bassist Stefan Björnshög.

New in the band are german guitarist Veith Offenbächer (who on this night had no possibility to join the band), returning to the drum stol after he left the band back in 1996 is Kane Svantesson, new front man is Jonas Heidgert (also in Dragonland) who got one pair of mighty lungs and of course “new” is also guitarist Mikael Åberg…well new might be the wrong word since he has been a member in Destiny the past eleven years, but this is his first apperance on an album.
After the pre-listen of the album the audience were given the band takes on the stage with and starts the set with Nothing Left To Fear. The fact that its been nearly a decade since they been onstage doesn’t show at all as we get full power from the start with their dark rock sound, as they describe themselves, a sound that are very significant for Destiny. Jonas Heidgert show early on and several times through the gig why he’s the new singer in Destiny, those metal screams are all in control and fits the music very well. Heidgert who has named both Michael Kiske, James LaBrie and Bruce Dickinson as influences make it quite apparent throughout the show even if he got his own style of singing you can hear where he comes from.
There’s no doubt Destiny starts of with the power that a metal band should have. Personally, I think the show take off a few songs into this mini concert. The band has decided to play six songs from the new release, Climate Change. The album includes nine re-recordings of old songs and five songs that has not been recorded previously although the songs has been around for a while.

Stefan Björnshög never set them fingers to rest. His playing is very melodic and the band really has no need of a second guitarist. Devil in the Dark is written with a passage that presents a melodic bass solo and Björnshög play this without a flaw while Kane Svantesson puts his double pedals to work, takes the intensity its climax.
Sabotage are a personal favorite of mine perhaps because I discovered the band when the song got released at first. Sabotage also got an quite easy vocal melody to remember it’s not that progressive as many others Destiny songs and on Sabotage it’s to their advantage.
The band finishes its regular set with the song Lead Into Gold, a personal favorite of Heidgert, a song with frenetic tempo and Svantessons double pedals really feels in the chest. Guitarist Michael Åberg, who by the way has a really cool charisma and knows exactly how to pose on stage. Åberg with his long hair would fit in any melodic rock bands ala 1988 shows his dexterity and top off his performance with some shredding.
As previously mentioned, the band had decided only to play 6 songs but after the warm reception from the faithful audience they decide to play their only? song with Swedish lyrics, a tribute to the football team IFK Göteborg, the first song recorded with the three members at front onstage.
Stefan Björnshög told me that they wanted first to launch a new album before new gig bookings would be made. Bjönshög also announce that a new album, Global Warming, is almost done and it will be released during fall 2017.
Destiny has made a performance above expectations, I do understand why they call their music dark rock. The album Climate Change is now published and are available to buy physical and/or streaming on a site like Spotify.

Although we are not a traditional Metal Webbzine I personally like lots of different music genres. We’ve had reviews with both Evergrey and Cloudscape before which should be seen as a clear indication not to forget to give yourself a good dose of metal.

Nothing Left to Fear
Duke of Darkness
Living Dead
Devil in the Dark
Lead into Gold

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