Three Short Questions 2015 – Torben Enevoldsen (Acacia Avenue)

Torben Enevoldsen

Torben Enevoldsen plays guitar in Fate, record under his own name, are a frequent guest player on other artists albums. And of course he has got the AOR/Melodic Rock project Acacia Avenue with such guest vocalists as Peter Sundell, Rob Moratti and Steve Newman (amongst others). Let us see what the Danish guitar player got to say.

1. How would you summarize 2015?

A lot has happened, both good and bad, but mainly it has been a very productive and busy year.

2. Will you give any New Years resolution this year?

I never do, so no I won’t.

3. What are your expectations for 2016?

I have three new albums coming out in 2016: the 4th Section A album, entitled “Wall Of Silence”, which is scheduled to be released in early February and the second Rob Moratti (Ex-Saga, Final Frontier) solo album, on which I play most of the guitars, and finally, the third Acacia Avenue album, which I am busy working on right now. Apart from that, I expect to be completing writing and recording sessions on my 5th all instrumental album, as well as a 4th Acacia Avenue album. So basically I expect for 2016 to be yet another busy and productive year!

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Same year as faboulus Deep Purple record "Stormbringer" were recorded I was born outside Borås, Sweden. Now 34 years later I'm livin outside Gothenburg, my time is devoted to music and I'm listening to it almost constantly. Melodic rock or Blues are my favorite genres but almost anything goes. Besides music I enjoy Football and Basketball but also other sports that include Swedish participators. Ofcourse as anyone else I enjoy a good laugh with friends over a pint or two. I've got the opinion that you can't pick a best musician nor the best album, however here's a couple of albums I never tend to tire on: Whitesnake - Slide it in Rainbow - Difficult to cure Giant - Time to burn Dare - Blood from stone Magnum - Princess Alice and the broken Arrow Thunder - Behind closed doors Gotthard - Lipservice